Thursday, August 19, 2010

a new dining experience

I love an eclectic, pulled-together, country-chic, kind of look. The comfortable kind you can put your feet up on and the eat-in-any-room-in-the-house kind. If you’re anything like Drew and I who like to eat and in the living room, you know the importance of a good coffee table. For the past 2 years we’ve used a small chest (which we’ve loved only because we didn’t know any better) as our living room coffee table. While the chest was very small, we didn’t realize how small and what we were missing out on until we brought home this guy!

We’re still newbies to the whole large coffee table dining experience as we only just got this table on Sunday, but it’s seriously awesome. Yes, I initially fell in love with it for it’s cute rustic charm, but now we’ve grown super fond of it for its capability to house a buffet! We are loving it. It’s a little tall right now since it wasn’t made to be used as a coffee table. And so I’m considering having Drew chop the legs down to size. However, I’m really enjoying the height – it’s perfect for putting your elbows up and getting your eat on!

PS – Did you notice how tightly fastened the legs are and the fresh coat of varnish on top? Well, that’s the fine work of DrewB. Other than that and a good wash, we bought the piece as is at a flea market for only $45. We likey.


  1. Good thought- a taller coffee table so you can eat more easily in the living room. It looks good, way to go Sarah & DrewB

  2. we too love to eat in our living room. great find sarah!