Friday, August 20, 2010

a steal

Nothing beats it – the excitement of finding a treasure on the roadside. The car will come to a screeching halt or at least there are shrills directing Drew to quickly turnaround and pullover. It’s a rush because we never know when opportunity will strike. For this reason, we generally drive the Jeep with the back seats laid flat ready for the next prospect. And then when we spot a piece our fast acting instincts kick in. It’s pretty funny how we feel like we have to do everything quickly as if we’re going to get caught for garbage theft. I think our worst fear is being seen by the owner of the garbage and having that awkward eye-lock. On most missions, DrewB’s the designated driver and I’m responsible to run out and look the piece over. If the piece is acceptable and small enough for me to carry, I’ll throw it in the back of the getaway car and we’ll speed off into oblivion – like seriously, it all happens so fast that we’re like, “Whoa, what? What just happened?” – not really. Bigger jobs that require both our strength to lift are a little more risky as they require more of our time, but usually we can get out and in with treasure in tote in less than five.

This dresser was a roadside find that we owe a big thanks to Lindsey for spotting. It’s in great condition and is currently parked in our bedroom. The plan is to attack it this weekend with a coat of paint – either blue or yellow or grey or white – clearly the plan is definitive.


  1. I can't wait to see how it looks when you're done painting it!

  2. This story made me laugh... I never find great things like that dresser but I was taking my son to football practice and spotted an old trunk... I pulled over and he was mortified that he had to touch it and put it in the car... oh and when I took him out for driving lessons, within 3 minutes he had to pull over for a garage sale! LOL