Thursday, September 2, 2010

the front door

It must have been something I said – as in something I repeatedly mention at least 3 times a week or it could have been yesterday’s post referring to our painting restrictions in the house. Whatever it was, DrewB finally caved to the pressure. Last night he agreed to let me paint the front door (well, the backside of the front door). I have literally begged Drew on numerous occasions to ask the landlord if we can paint – usually the kitchen cabinets or the walls (that’ll still never happen). And last night he agreed without even consulting the landlord! I realize one door isn’t much but I’m taking all the color I can get. Also, I have this suspicion that this instance only opens the door to other opportunities of convincing DrewB to paint –  maybe?

The door before:

The color of choice: Calabash

This was my first time using Martha’s paint and I think I like it. It went on smooth and covered really well.


I’m not thrilled with the result, however, this now officially means that I can paint the door every weekend if I wish!


  1. Shut the front door! I think that looks great. And I really like you "Lynne" letters on the wall near your stairs. Can you come over and do an overhall on my house please? Thanks. =)

  2. magnificent, really cool. a very good post!

  3. Yeah, you finally did it. I like it, well done!