Thursday, September 16, 2010

white paint

No question, the can of white paint is the most dangerous. I hesitate to open it up due to the power it has over me –  once it's opened the furniture better hide. I’ve tried to branch out and paint the furniture other colors, but even after I've enjoyed the other colors for a while I still debate whether to repaint the furniture white. The other night I pulled out the can of white just to paint a chair and before the night ended I had painted not only the chair, but our coffee table, the inside of our china hutch, a cabinet piece from our bedroom, and I had begged DrewB to paint the dining room table and the dining room buffet, to which he declined. I'm really glad that DrewB can keep me grounded (most of the time). I'm a painting fool for furniture. Now I’ve really got the painting bug and I see lots more white in our near future.

You can see the before of this table here. I painted a couple coats and then distressed it a bit with some sandpaper. This trunk fits conveniently below the table and don't think I've not considered painting it white (only a dozen times)!

This hutch has been this teal color for a while so I slapped on some white on the inside for a quick change.

I'll keep you posted as white continues to invade our home.

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  1. You make me want to paint my rocking chair white! Maybe I should let you do it since you have such an itch to paint things white.