Wednesday, September 1, 2010

white walls

One sad reality of renting a home is that we can’t just do whatever we want to the interior. There are restrictions: no painting the walls, no painting the floors, no painting the kitchen cabinets. If I had my way, I would have painted the house floor to ceiling three times already. Some days these restrictions bother me more than others. I do, however, adore all-white interiors so my white walls make me smile most days. And I enjoy the challenge of finding other ways to add color to the interior.

Aren’t these white-walled interiors lovely?

All images from Country Living.


  1. I cant believe you came and took pictures of my house without me realizing it. I WISH. Those are amazing houses. I want those rooms.

  2. i bet you didn't know it but you mrs. sarah have totally changed my life and the way i look at white. it's amazing!