Tuesday, October 19, 2010

halloween party in 11 days!

Drew and I can't resist a costume party – there just really aren't enough good excuses to play dress up! Halloween is perfect for that reason and needless to say, we have our costumes for this year's event. We usually mull over ideas for costumes throughout the year, and this year we scored an excellent find that determined the direction of our attire – destiny, perhaps. Sorry, it's a surprise.

One might say that it's shocking that at 11 days out our house isn't already decorated for the Halloween party. Traditionally (as in 2 full years of tradition) we have decorated at least a month in advance –  afterall this is the party! And besides, I love to enjoy the decorations as long I can and putting them up earlier creates fun anticipation for the main event. So, the decorations are a work in progress.

Last night, I was gleaning Halloween inspiration from these images:

Wow, now do we go all out and paint this amazing mural on one of our walls?
Or perhaps we'll have great weather and we can order in a forest of trees for the backyard?
Painting the walls orange –  that's committment.

Decisions, decisions...
And then DrewB impressed me big time with this grand idea:

I think my favorite part of this is 1. ALL Drew's idea, and 2. it was FREE! So after hot gluing some sticks together to form these letters, I'd say we're off to a good start to the Halloween decor!


  1. OK, now THAT is the cutest thing ever! I ooze that your husband came up with the idea! He's a keeper (and so is his decor!).

    Glad you found me so that I could come and visit YOU!

    Have a great week,

  2. Sarah, you have the sweetest blog! You and your husband remind me so much of Andre and myself - how lucky are we to have such love in our lives! I wish we got to celebrate Halloween here in Australia - ever since I was a little kid I've wanted to carve a pumpkin!

    Angela x

    PS - I just love Drew's stick idea... truly inspired!