Wednesday, November 3, 2010

couple of collections

Since the last post about the bookcase here, there has been the addition of a collection of blue ball mason jars to the bookcase.

And this sweet little child's chair will soon be in the etsy shop.

Looking for blue ball jars? Check it here & here.

Also housed in the hall upstairs is this collection of hats.

AND Congratulations to Bethany Glupker! You won the $45 CSN gift certificate!


  1. What!??!!!! I can't believe I won! I seriously have never something like this before!

    And I do think I need some of those blue mason jars please.

  2. Gorgeous! I love those jars so much especially the colour blue passing through them from the back of the book case! Beautiful.

  3. Im with Camille. Just Kidding. Congratulations Bethany!!

  4. I love blue mason jars. They look so great all clustered together.

    Take care,