Monday, January 10, 2011


    My mind has been at a loss with the naked house since the elimination of the Christmas decor. I have all these intentions for getting creative and spinning the bare spaces into eye-popping wonders. So it's not for the lack of inspiration and ideas. I have plenty of those. Just not the time enough to execute my creative fantasies.
    Besides, first I’d have to clean up the house and get some chores done before I can even think about pulling out a paint brush or moving a piece of furniture. And frankly the thought of all that I’d have to go through before I can get to the fun stuff is just plain overwhelming.
    So instead, I’ve been sitting on my bum for much of my free time lately. Which is also fun. I can’t complain. BUT, I am seriously itching to get creative! I’m shooting for this weekend (it’s a 3-day weekend for me) to get motivated and get some projects underway. I’m bored with all the bareness.

PS: check out this post from The Wicker House.

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