Monday, January 24, 2011

replacement cupboard

So it wasn't long (it never is) before we moved on from this piece and found a replacement – a large lovely farmhouse cupboard with plenty of great shelving.

And here's the evidence of our fabulous finding over the weekend: 

Of course I did consider painting the interior at first. But I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I’m enjoying it just the way it is.

So many charming details.

I'm loving the contrast of the white dishes against the wood and painted paneling.

The dishes fit right at home here.

And a full view of the piece.

Not so impressive with the doors closed.

The end.


  1. What an awesome piece...where did you find it?

  2. It's like it was made for that space and your dishes!

  3. I am loving the contrast too! Awesome find!

  4. How do you always find such great stuff. I love it the color is amazing too. And I love the hardware.

  5. Lucky girl. Great find!

  6. Love the cabinet - it looks wonderful!

    I'm a new follower from A Beach Cottage - Good life Wednesdays.

    Would love for you to visit our coastal lifestyle blog at

  7. What a fun find! I really like the interior just as it is.
    What a great place fo your whites!
    visiting from a beach cottage... ;-} osc

  8. I LOVE this cabinet! I like the interior colour too, especially with all your gorgeous white dishes. It makes them stand out!

  9. That cabinet is so lovely. It's perfect as is. I love it when I find something that doesn't actually need painting. Love all your white dishes too.

    Lisa x

  10. What a "cool" looking it as is!!!!
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  11. Hi Sarah!

    I've peaked at your blog a few times and just started 'following' you :) LOVE the cabinet... especially the natural wood shelves in contrast with your white dishes.