Monday, January 3, 2011

welcome 2011

Happy New Year!

It was a great Christmas holiday with the family. We said our good-byes over the weekend and packed up the Christmas decor the house feels pretty naked after the removal of the Christmas decor. Already, I'm missing both the family and the Christmas decorations.

What a handsome family I have, no?

And now, it really feels like a new year with Christmas behind us and the reality of getting back to the daily grind. I'm happy and hopeful to see what the Lord has in store this year.

PS: Winner of the CSN giveaway is Ashley!


  1. WOW...I can really see the family genes there...adorable !!

  2. Hi.
    I was just browsing through your blog and had to stop and comment on your awesome family photo. Too funny. Also just thought I'd let you know I just put your beautiful hutch on my blog as some inspiration. Hope thats ok.