Tuesday, February 1, 2011

another one down

That's right, another piece loses to the white paint.
Are you surprised?

It’s no wonder white has become my “go-to” paint color.
So far white has yet disappoint on any piece of furniture.

You can see the before of the buffet here.

I’m liking the buffet in its white phase with the clear glass knobs.

While I really did like the before version of the buffet, it was no longer working with the rest of the room, so something needed to change – in fact Drew insisted it needed to be whitewashed! I was surprised at what a hard time I had convincing myself to do it. I kept reminding myself that if I ever want it back to its former appearance, I still have the paint and the knobs to do it. And now that its done, I have no regrets. What can I say, white's a winner.