Tuesday, February 15, 2011

cupboard without the doors

Although I'm usually skeptical, Drew has some great suggestions when it comes to decorating.

Like when he told me right away when we got the cupboard
that we should take the doors off.
(See pictures of the cupboard before with the doors here.)

It took me a few weeks to get on board with the idea,
but it really looks better without the doors.
He was right.


  1. I really like it that way too, it is a beautiful cupboard. I love your dining room, so calming and very pretty!

  2. I liked the cupboard before-- but this way is pretty too. Now you have a pretty cupboard AND! you have pretty doors, too! They would make nice stand-alone statement pieces too--sort of like your shutters~ hey, now there's an idea.

    I like your dining room -- looks so comfortable there.

  3. I'm diggin' the cupboard w/out the doors!

  4. I agree, the first time you showed that with the doors open I thought- they should just take those doors off!

  5. oh yes its brilliant! i love it!! now you dont just have to wait to open it to see the prettiest art!

  6. I like the cupboard with and without doors, so you can't go wrong really. It looks all vintagey lovely.

    Lisa x

  7. The cupboard looks fabulous without the doors - love it!

  8. don't you just hate it when they (men) are right?! hahaha ;)
    it looks lovely! your photos are so pretty too!

  9. This looks great! Although I like it with the doors too : ) Either way, it's a great piece!
    Have a great week!

  10. I Love the cupboard without the doors!

    I saw you on Cozy Little House....I Love your look.