Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Thank you, THANK YOU!
Seriously, I feel extremely blessed by all the many comments/emails that we've received after our big announcement. It's so encouraging to hear that you all are excited right along with us!

On that note, I've recently read an amazing book called "Orphanology" (I highly recommend it, seriously, go buy it, now.) It's all about the church's responsibility for orphan care. It is such a neat book full of testimonies on adoption, as well as tangible ways to support and love on orphans directly and indirectly. And of course it's given us much affirmation of our conviction to adopt!  If there is one thing we've noticed as we've begun the process, it's that the enemy is constantly trying to steal our joy for pursuing this journey. So I am very thankful for our wonderful family and friends that have reached out to encourage us! Thank you all!

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