Thursday, May 5, 2011

slumber party 2011

UPDATE: see more party pictures here.

This past Friday was our:
"3rd Annual Girls Group Slumber Party"!
(See pictures from previous years here and here).

What's Girls Group, you may ask?  Allow me to break it down. Girls Group, or GG, is a group of besties brought together through the bond of medical school (most of the homegirls are partners to a medical student). We meet weekly to support each other through thick and thin during the season of medical school. It's an honor to be a part of this beautiful group of girls. They are truly a blessing from Lord. 

(Read more about the GG here.)

This cosmic event is one for the history books. It's an all-nighter of fun full of dancing, and munching, and laughing, and plenty of girl-talk. We even created a mix-tape of music to serenade the night away. And of course, we made friendship bracelets.

Check these scenes from this year's party:

The set-up pre-party-food.

 Simple party decor.

Sangria and margaritas go here:

Jumping-up-and-down-excitement as we welcome
our special guest!
(I think Brooke is hurling in the corner here?
Perhaps, too star-struck?)

 Is our "Bieber Fever" showing?


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