Thursday, June 2, 2011

the deets

Los detalles, the details:

If you'll refer to our timeline, you'll notice that we've made it passed the application process, through the classes, around the interviews, over the paperwork, and as of May 16th across the home inspection/marital interview. It feels glorious to look back and have these pieces of the puzzle behind us. We're very happy to have entered the mysterious waiting portion of the process.

Currently, we are unofficially waiting.  As in we are done on our end and are waiting on our caseworker to complete our homestudy so that we can soon officially wait. As soon as our case is finalized and we are officially waiting-legit-adoptive-parents, we'll happily share the news. 

The future looks bright!

Thanks friends/family for continually sharing in
the excitement through each step of the process.

We're excited and enjoying the ride!

Be joyful in hope,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12


  1. yay! congrats on unofficially waiting and good luck!!

  2. You two are going to be incredible, creative, fun-loving, exceptional parents!

  3. My neighbors just adopted (6 months ago) the most delightful little girl (Amelie) from China. She has settled so beautifully and is so loved by her parents and big brother. It is a joy to see this little girl being given the happy home and love she deserves.

    I hope you process is completed really quickly...the waiting is hard.

  4. If ONLY The Jennings could be there for that GREAT celebration!