Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the porch

We love porch-time around our home.
Summer time is the best for enjoying the porch.
Enjoy the tour:

Front side of the porch, facing the street.

Left side of porch.

Right side of porch, near entrance to house.

Our main sitting area.

Full view of right side of porch.

The family swings.

Our newest swing.


  1. I LOVE your new swing. Hey, remember that super successful garage sale on your porch?

  2. I want to sit there and relax!
    That looks so exciting... I love the little swing. Heck I love the big swing...we have a swing, I love sitting on the porch and swinging with my Grands!

  3. I could come and sit in the MUCH cooler Erie weather instead of sweltering down here in this furnace! LOVELY PORCH!

  4. Love the new swing... And love you lots!

  5. Very nice; I love how you stacked the crates and put a plant in the top one.