Wednesday, November 23, 2011

hands are full

Almost forgot I have a blog. Life has been crazy busy. All is well, just speeding by. Seems we're constantly on the go. In the rare chance you've wondered what we've been up to lately -  besides the usual everyday ongoings, there have been numerous weekly doctor's appointments along with the weekly therapist and social worker visits. And it's also interview season for Drew. All the while, we spent a long weekend out of town visiting family. All that amounts to a lot of travel. And a lot to be thankful for!

With the holidays here, I don't know that we'll be slowing down anytime soon. We are happy to be celebrating Thanksgiving with our Erie family this week! Our hands are definitely full right now, but so are our hearts. Cheesy, but true.

AND, I'm so excited for Christmas! (The tree has only been up since the beginning of the month). Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, but I am very thankful for Christmas!

Speaking of, Miles met Santa yesterday. Oh the excitement!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. He is too cute with Santa..
    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving..