Saturday, December 3, 2011

advent calendar and gingerbread houses

For years we've wanted to do an advent calendar. So this year I cracked down and put this together. It was simple - just some clothespins, tiny tags, stamps, and striped paper. The hardest part was coming up with 24 activities to include for each day (nothing google couldn't help with).

It's been so much fun opening up each one
and doing a Christmas activity together.

Yesterday's activity was to build gingerbread houses.
So we raided the cupboards and got to work.

 It was a big mess and so much fun that we worked well into the night.

Hard at work.

 Miles was a natural.

 So creative!

Miles' gingerbread house:

 Drew's looked good enough to eat.
 And seriously impressive!


  1. How fun and exciting... it looks like Drew had some help? LOL...
    love the pond w/ fish!

    Looks like Miles IS A NATURAL at getting down and dirty on the house building...

    blessings! Pat

  2. Your gingerbread houses are too cute..Great job on the one with the pond..I love that one..Have a great rest of the weekend..

  3. Amazing gingerbread houses! And Miles is too cute in his Christmas pj's.