Friday, December 2, 2011

first birthday

Back in October we celebrated Miles' first birthday
with a carnival inspired birthday party.
(See the invitations here.)

So thankful for wonderful friends and family to celebrate such a special day!
(And thankful to Brooke for capturing the fun.)

Miles took care of the cost and
declared it free admission to all.
Isn't he great?

It was a brisk windy day,
but we were determined to party outdoors.
It was well worth it. The sun even peaked out a few times.


We served classic fair food
with the main focus on the sweets.

And we had enough pie for a pie eating contest.
Cherry pie, Pecan pie, Pumpkin pie, and Apple pie.
All homemade and freshly baked by Grandma!

 Let the fun begin:

 Balloon popping dart toss.

 The poor fish for the ping pong ball toss.


A fire to warm things up.

And then it was time to bring out the big BB guns for some target shooting fun.

Some serious shooting.

 How cute are these little guys?

Some football action. 

 Free wagon rides.

And then it was time for the main event...

 ...with the main man:

 He had no idea...

 ...and no interest, at all.

It was a happy birthday! 


  1. awesome pics!!!!! He is so cute!

  2. incredible (party) and beautiful (you and babe)

  3. I'm so glad to finally see the pictures! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Awesome job planning!

  4. What great party pics..The highchair with the cake is my favorite..Have a great weekend..

  5. I'm assuming the little ones did not get to fire the bb guns. At least the older people got to have some real fun. The balloon dart game looks really fun.