Monday, January 2, 2012

adoption day

   It is with overwhelming joy that we share this testament of the good Lord's special gift to us...
   On the sixteenth day of December, two thousand and eleven Miles Benjamin Lynne legally entered into our family. It gives us great confidence to know that the Lord orchestrated his adoption from the very beginning. We are so privileged to have caught a glimpse of God's mighty hand at work through Miles' beautiful story (see that story here).
   In addition, the Lord's timeliness for the process is a blessed testament all its own - in under a year God opened our hearts to begin the adoption process, matched us with our son, brought him home to live with us, and arranged the legal finalization of the adoption! We are in awe every time we recount this incredible miracle. Praise the good Lord!

Adoption day was one happy day! We were so blessed by our brothers and sisters that shared in all the joy with us.
Enjoy a picture video of the special day below.

PS Thank you, Brooklyn, for taking these great pictures!


  1. What a wonderful blessing!

    So happy for your little family.


  2. Thank you so much Sarah for sharing God's grace and love in your lives. He is such a cutie! Hope I can see you all soon.

  3. So sweet! Wonderful video. So glad we are a part of his precious life. Thank you for being an example of a FAITHFUL couple to God's Calling.

  4. Congrats! What an amazing testament of God's faithfulness!

  5. Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you!

  6. Sarah, that video was BEAUTIFUL!! It brought tears to my eyes! You two were truly shining with LOVE for Miles! Our God is so good!! Thanks for sharing your story!