Monday, July 23, 2012

eating progress report

To follow up on this post...

I don't know when this happened that you turned from a tube fed child to a typical insert-food-in-mouth-chew-and-swallow child (truly I do know when this happened because I can recall the numerous phases that brought us to this point, specifically the months where you insisted on stuffing food in your mouth and holding it there and then refusing to swallow until you spewed food all over the place, then the months when we thought you were making progress only to regress leaving me pretty discouraged). Regardless, it seemed to happen suddenly. And we are praising God, with tears, shouts of joy, and hands held high! You had it a long time coming. Like 21 months coming. We fought long and hard and risked barely feeding you at times to help you recognize hunger on your own. It was scary but the Lord proved faithful and now you're eating like the rest of 'em! I couldn't be more proud! God cares deeply for you, Miles.

Progress Report: For the past 2 weeks Miles has eaten 100% orally, no tubes attached, with his appetite increasing daily.
YAY and Amen, Praise the Lord!

These pictures are unrelated, but look how big you're getting!
I suspect you'll be tall... and thin. Seeing as you're only growth has been in height. Although, who really knows since you've been eating flavors of the Paula Deen variety. Time will tell.


  1. Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

  2. Its like I wont even recognize him when we see him!! Thats sooooo awesome! Way to go Miles and praise the Lord .. I know that wasnt easy ;)

  3. He is PRECIOUS! NOW---insist your family come to the South someday and see a REAL beach! LOL!

  4. Awesome news!! He is SO cute. You guys are so blessed and are such amazing parents!

  5. Wonderful news Drew and Sarah! God has used you two in such a beautiful way in Miles life. He is a product of your love and Gods love. What a sweet little boy. We miss you guys!