Friday, August 3, 2012

our pear tree

Picking pears from our pear tree has become a yearly tradition since living in Erie. This year it's been fun watching Miles enjoy the fruit as well. See last year's picking here

Drew does most of the picking. Well no, he really just does all of the picking. And the spraying for bugs. And the cleaning up of the nasty fallen fruit. This pear tree is a bit of a chore and yet Drew consistently tends to it. And to our yard. And to the garden. And that's for going on 5 years! I didn't mean to make this a brag on DrewB post, but this guy deserves so much credit. He's the hardest working man. Thanks, Drew!

Getting a taste...

It is nice having another mouth to help polish off our plentiful of pears.

Then for a wagon ride:

Little helper placing pears in the bucket:

Snack break:

There were a lot of snack breaks:

Now on to decide what to do with all this fruit.

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