Friday, August 10, 2012

our playroom

Having kids changes things (I know, profound, right), as in the house is no longer clutter-free as every room becomes a playroom and every thing becomes a toy. We don't have the luxury of a designated playroom in our house so naturally every room has incorporated toy areas. The majority of the playing is done in our dining and living room spaces. I thought I'd share a little how we try to stay organized in our toddler-friendly home.

I snapped these pictures during nap and when most of the toys were stowed out of sight. The pictures lack a little reality of the natural state of the space which is most often a mess. My point is that in the effort to keep toys concealed we do our best, most of the time, to store them away neatly. It doesn't take long for the toys to begin to invade and to quickly "toy" with the fung-shui of the space. Thus we've developed a system of hiding toys everywhere to keep things in order and looking less playroom and still visually appealing. Our system includes baskets - lots of baskets.

Without further ado, here's how we do it between the spilled milk and the snot smears.

The living room:

Looks pretty normal as most of the toys are put away.

 Storage for diapers and wipes.

The art studio. Most days the ledge is used as a snack tray.

Into the dining room:

 Storage for toys:

 We use this buffet for toy storage - on top, inside, and underneath.

 I keep snacks out in ball jars for easy access.

 Storage for books.

The dining room table doubles as a jungle gym.
Miles can spend hours underneath it.

 Underneath this buffet are more toy storage baskets.

The time-out chair and Miles growth chart - a measuring stick.

Another cart with toy storage.

 This is where some of the bigger toys hide out when they're not spread out around the house.

And that's what works for us.


  1. so sweet. You have the cutest storage bins I have ever seen. And you have done a great job of storing and living with all of the toys. I'v come to notice the older kids get the smaller their toys get, Which is nice.

  2. Love all the chippy colors you have going on around the house. Your toy storage around the house is adorable! Isn't it funny how quickly the house is taken over with toys!!!

  3. i love it so cute and charming!! that green chippy piece is amazing too