Monday, November 5, 2012

an update - they're home

Things are happening fast. Since we matched with our two new additions, we all of sudden have a lot going on :)  
To briefly catch you up - we met our daughter, J, a little over a week ago and she moved home right away. With our son, S, things have moved a little slower, but still rather quickly. We had a speedy transition that lasted under a couple weeks and now he's home for good as of today. We are thrilled to now have them both living under our roof. 
Currently, I'm wrestling with what information to divulge. I doubt I'll be sharing too many details.
I will say that our God is awesome. And that these children are amazing. We are truly blessed!

Blurry, but sweeter than sweet. 

Please continue to pray for our transition as we're still figuring things out and getting to know each other. Pray that the Lord would give us abundant wisdom in raising children from hard places. This is definitely no small feat and we've only barely begun. So thankful that the Lord is forever faithful. 


  1. What an exciting time for your family. Growing on all fronts! Children are versatile...but I've met people who adopted from "hard" places...and somethings seem to remain; for whatever reason. God knows!
    Many blessings to y'all! Pat

  2. You guys are wonderful and I am so happy for y'all! Thank you God for your kindness!

  3. Beautiful. I cannot wait to meet them some day. You and Drew are an amazing couple. I talk about you guys and the Zerkles everytime I talk to someone about adoption. It has truly encouraged me to seek open doors in our lives to local adoptions. We are so happy for you all and those kiddos are very blessed by you two. One question? With 3 kids, how long will the house stay white? Bwaahahahahaha. :)

  4. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! I love your willingness and ability to love!