Tuesday, November 27, 2012

considering age in adoption

Adoption is complicated and this post certainly rings true regarding many difficult realities of it. 

For us, a child's age has been just one of the many complex factors to consider in adoption.  As we waited for the Lord to grow our family this second time, we had hopes for a sibling group. The longer we waited we felt the Lord pressing us about the idea of an older child. We trusted that if presented with a sibling group including an older child we would welcome them without hesitation. So of course the Lord did just that. Praise Him! 

J is 7 years old and S is 13 months old. While age is an important variable to consider in adoption, the Lord helped us to see that more important are the needs of these individuals despite their age, sex, history, etc. We are so grateful that God continues to open our eyes and to stretch our faith.

Our fears over age were displaced the moment we met our daughter, not only because we were pleasantly surprised to hear her calling us mom and dad without prompts on day one, but because the Lord gave us eyes to see her - not just physically but to see passed her age, sex, history, etc. and see her heart and her need. No question the Lord prepared us for welcoming home an "older child". He is forever faithful!

J is an amazing big sister. We love how proud she is to be the big sister and how much she adores her little brothers. 





  1. You are SUCH a BLESSING--not only to your children---but to all of us that read your story!