Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the twins

We've been asked several times already if the boys are twins. This question is hilarious to me.
While Miles and S are close is size, even sharing the same size clothes, Miles is a year older.
Naturally we compare the two boys often being that they are both around the same size. It's neat to see their similarities and their differences.

We're enjoying getting to know little S. He is a super snuggly guy. He's also very strong and has one ferocious appetite. He just learned to walk since being in our home. It's been nice experiencing his development and growth into a upright little man.

The brothers are a lot of fun. Generally they get along well together. And when they don't it appears as though they are evenly matched - meaning the amount of give and take is pretty fair as is the amount of fight in each of them. They share everything - clothes, food, attention, and one of the biggest adjustments - sharing a room. I'm definitely crediting the Lord for the boys' smooth transition to sharing a room and adjusting to the same sleep schedule. Thank you, God!

These pictures were from the week S came home.





  1. LOVE that last picture! It says "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE????" VERY normal brothers!

  2. I am catching up here but am thrilled that you two have added two more children to your family. God Bless all of you, Olive