Friday, September 13, 2013

summer recap

Shall we do some catching up. Big adjustments since our move in June. Specifically, setting up and acclimating to a new place, Drew starting his first year of residency, and the kids and I surviving our first summer together.

Summer for us was a great period of adjustment into our new home, as well as a continued bonding experience for Drew and I with the 3 kiddies. It hasn't been quite a year since Juliona and Shepherd were welcomed home and we are still in the thick of forming and securing bonds. It is especially beautiful to see the bond the Lord is creating among the three children. I so enjoy watching their relationships grow and seeing how the Lord has designed them as such special siblings. They are all so unique and we are so blessed to witness the blending of a family. God is amazing.

Now that summer is officially over, the school year has begun. Juliona entered the 2nd grade with much anticipation and excitement. That girl is brave. We are so proud of her for so many reasons. We have embraced the new school routine. Juliona is enjoying school thus far, while Miles, Shepherd, and I are enjoying our time together at home. Since Drew's return to full-time labor, I have learned much of my role as a homemaker. It can be overwhelming at times but has also been very fulfilling.

All that to say, the Lord continues to prove His faithfulness through every season of our life - in every move, in every addition, and through every challenge. God is faithful.

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