Wednesday, June 18, 2014

like a mother needs coffee

Coffee was such a casual thing for me just a couple years ago. I was a social drinker mostly. A pretender really, preferring my cream to the coffee. I drank recreationally on weekends. I was no addict. In fact Drew and I would jest about “those people” that claimed they couldn’t function without it. I took pride in my lack of dependency to the substance. We’d say things like “must have coffee" or "NEED caffeine" in our best sluggish-caveman voice whenever we sipped the beverage.
Now as a mother to four people, part of the appeal is simply having my own thing each morning and not sharing. That along with the undeniable comfort the warm cup and the necessary perk the caffeine provide. Plus for half a second I can pretend to block out the smell of that dirty diaper when I tip the cup back for a swig. I guess I finally get it. I find myself often longing for my next cup like that dirty diaper needs to go away. All I can say is I need coffee, like a mother. 

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